Possible palette bug

Started by TomFenn, October 03, 2017, 15:42:05 PM

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I wanted to post this before creating an issue, because I'm probably doing something dumb...

My palette now only shows three icons: group, note, and connections.  Yesterday all was good. Today I was messing around importing and exporting color preferences when I noticed the problem.  Things I know:

1.  It's not that I don't have a view selected.   I can make the palette go away by closing views.  When I reopen a view, the palette come back, but with just those 3 icons.
2.  It's not the viewpoint.  I have the viewpoint set to None.  I can change the view to other viewpoints and back again with no effect.
3.  I've reinstalled archi to no effect.
4.  I've deleted the archi directory and reinstalled to no effect.
5.  All other windows appear to work correctly.
6.  I can still create an object in the model view and drag it onto the view.

Any thoughts?  This is seriously impacting my ability to get work done.  Possibly related: the reason I was messing around with the color preferences is that I downloaded and imported the file with Wierda's color scheme and the colors didn't change.



Phil Beauvoir

It's a bug. I found it.

In Preferences -> Diagram -> General make sure "Hide disallowed concepts from the Palette" is checked on.

I'll fix it for the next release.
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Thanks for the fast response!

Just in case it's useful, I'll attach my error log.  It shows some unhandled exception in the color preferences handling code.  Based on the message at the bottom (unable to clean...) I deleted the AppData/Roaming/Archi folder and that got my palette back.  Importing my color preferences didn't recreate the error, so I don't think my prefs file is to blame, but I'll attach it as well for completeness. 


Phil Beauvoir

That last error was probably caused by a bad color value in the prefs file

The format is:


Nevertheless, I've put a guard in place for this now.
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