Import/Export model to Open Exchange XML file not in release_4.0.1

Started by niek T, October 09, 2017, 14:03:04 PM

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niek T

I'm working on the Cartool Plugin and need to export some QueryResult BuildingBlocks as a "OpenGroup Archimate Model Exchange File".
I noticed there is (under the menu optnion "File") an "Export model to Open Exchange XML" option (running archi4.0.0). But when I ran the archi code in eclipse (release_4.0.1 (which the cartool plugin supports)) I don't get that option. Now I was wondering why that is and how new this feature is.

I would rather see if I can reuse part of the archi code rather than writing an exporter myself.
Kind regards,

Phil Beauvoir

Hi Niek,

the Exchange Format code is hosted separately:

You'll have to get the code via Git and import into your Eclipse workspace.

(BTW - wer'e at Archi 4.0.3 now)

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