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Started by dmaahs, December 11, 2017, 20:58:33 PM

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One of the issues I have found with ArchiMate in my environment is everything post class.  I have had the 2 classes, and it was great education but it still can be confusing.  At least until you get your light-bulb moment.  Since I have no one locally to bounce 'is this right' ideas off of, I am hoping to use this group as a way to get my light-bulb moment and have it all make sense. 

I have adjusted the server names and application to be generic, but in general this is an Enterprise Content Management system.  A place to store the millions of documents we have to manage.  In my version of the model, I do use the real server names for the nodes and artifact information.


  • All nested relationships are Compositions.
  • There are 6 application servers behind a load balancer that realize the application service for real-time use.
  • There are 2 application servers behind a load balancer that realize the same application service, but for batch or web service use.
  • The ECM application service is used by everything as an entry into the ECM system.
  • The Doc Comp service, creates Microsoft Word documents that will eventually be mailed.
  • The Document Storage service, is the part of the ECM application that facilitates the storage of each document to a file system.
  • The ECM SQL Server holds all the meta data for the documents and information about them.
  • The ECM ETL server does an extract from the data warehouse so it can be reported upon.  I have not modeled the reporting part yet.
  • There are other services like an ESB that will interact with this, but I will add those on next.

My next level will be to model into the application and business layers.

Thank you in advance for any feedback.

Phil Beauvoir

Hi, welcome to the Archi forum and thanks for sharing your model.

The forum can be a bit quiet and usually relates to the use of Archi the tool rather than ArchiMate the language, so if you don't get any responses here you could ask the same questions on the Open ArchiMate Google Group:!forum/open-archimate-forum

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Thanks Phil.  I almost posted there initially, but thought I'd try here first.

I just posed the question to the group there.