Object intake and promotion control

Started by jvdongen17@gmail.com, January 08, 2018, 10:43:07 AM

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Has anybody an idea how to make an intake and promotion control model.

Before we want to publish any object we want to validate it and then publish this to every body.

So in between only the auditor may see this object and the fellow architects.



Hi Jurgen,

In my company, each architect work on their own models (we have one model per project) that may go live or not. They all store their models in a SQL database usingthe database plugin (https://github.com/archi-contribs/database-plugin/tree/master/v2).

Then when a project goes live, I use the same database plugin to share the production view from the corresponding model to my production model.

This production model is the model I communicate on. Every night, a batch updates a web site from this production model using the script plugin (https://github.com/archi-contribs/script-plugin).

Hope it helps
Best regards