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Started by rgommers, April 04, 2018, 22:16:00 PM

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My question pertains to the possibility of creating an export option, or a save-as option that would allow a view to be exported/saved-as a MS Visio .vsdx file type.
Am I correct in understanding that such an option is being considered in future development of Archi (specifically M5 of the Archi roadmap)?
Is this something that can be done (relatively) easily, given that the Open ArchiMate Exchange Format and .vsdx are both XML based?

I looked in the forum if someone already created something similar, but I have not found anything. Neither did I find an already existing topic regarding this.

If this is a duplicate question/issue please feel free to close this, and point to the original thread.

Thanks for any insight into this!

Phil Beauvoir

It's technically possible, but not really planned as part of M5.

As with many non-trivial feature requests, the real issue is time and resources. Perhaps someone from the OS community might do this. Or perhaps sponsors might pay for its development. Or it might be part of a funded project. But, at this point, I have no immediate plans to do it.

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Why would one want this. You won't be able to do the reverse procedure of updating your model based on Visio edits since the element integrity is lost completely and given that any browser can display svg it just seems weird to add another format simply for the sake of a catering to an expensive peice of MS software.

A sort of Windows meta-file for Export, where I could use any Windows Meta-file editing sw  (Power-Point/Visio etc) should be nice.
There every object is still an object with Object-text as labels.
Then I could fix some nice presentation of standard Archimate models instead of redrawing them in other tools.
Not all are happy with Archimate models, as they donĀ“t understand the syntax... and Yes I have tested to do simple  drawings from my main Archimate modells,