windows ACLI : abrupt shell close after execution

Started by archi1209, May 28, 2018, 10:50:04 AM

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I test the CLI interface, but it open another windows shell at each call then close it at end.
No chance then to see the output.

basic sample : Archi -application -consoleLog -nosplash --help
Any way to keep this new shell opened or simpler : log in the original shell ?`

Thanks in advance,


Finally found two solutions : as Archi is an eclipse, looked in the eclipse.ini options.

  • -noExit args : keep the console opened at end.
  • The log file is available under the eclipse workspace place : %APPDATA%\Archi4\.metadata\.log (on windows system of course)

If it can help (should be in the FAQ maybe).

Phil Beauvoir

Next version of ACLI will have a --pause option. This will keep the shell open until the Return key is pressed.
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