What are common properties of ArchiMate elements you use?

Started by geoffrey, July 04, 2018, 09:32:56 AM

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On the forum there are several examples of properties people use to enrich their models. One of Hervé's example of the specialization plugin adds the cost of a node as a property and one of the jArchi examples uses maturity.

What other common properties do you use in your models? I know this is different for each situation, but am interested in what others do.



Personally, as a technical architect, I use technical properties like:

Nodes and Devices:
   - cpu (sockets, cores, hyperthread for x86 hardware, cores for x86 VMs, CE and VP for AIX)
   - brand and model for hardware
   - virtualization solution for VMs
   - ram
   - hdd (volumes and storage class)
   - network interfaces
   - replication mechanism
   - backup requirement
   - SLA

System Software:
   - brand
   - version

   - City
   - Room reference

etc ...

I effectively use the form plugin to present the properties and not forget one :-)

Hope this helps

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