Error Diagnosis and debugging

Started by NakedBird, July 26, 2018, 09:45:42 AM

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Hi, after Archi Tool including git collaboration plugin worked well for some time, I now seem to have connection issues from the tool with the git-sitessaying "access_denied". and even the "Check for new version ..." results in a "Connection Error". I can use my browser to access the git and architool websites, but the architool itself seems to have problems. This might be due to my local firewall blocking things or other issues. How can I diagnose the root casue here? Is there a way to view log files and where would I find them?

Phil Beauvoir

Archi FAQ has details on accessing the error log -

Seems your firewall is blocking Archi's connections. The Collaboration plugin has a Preference for setting a proxy server, perhaps that might work?
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Hi, seems like the error I get is not logged in the error log accessible using the "About Archi" menu. The local firewall would normally log a blocked attempt but I see nothing there. And the proxy setting does not work becasue the git server is inside our network. is there a way to turn the logging into a more "chatty" verbose mode, specifically for the git collaboration plug-in?