New ServiceNow Import plugin version 1.3

Started by Hervé, September 16, 2018, 22:40:29 PM

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Dear all,

I'm happy to announce the version 1.3 of the ServiceNow plugin:

this plugin does not have an automatic update process, so the update has to be done the same way as a fresh install: copy the JAR file to Archi's plugins folder.

The key improvements of this version are:
* make the progress bar application modal
* rewrite progress bar to be more readable on 4K displays
* rewrite popups to be more readable on 4K displays
* Can now follow reference links in in properties (with a cache mechanism to reduce the calls to ServiceNow)
* Can now use variables ${xxx} in ini properties
* Use CIs operational status to determine if Archi elements should be created/updated or removed
* Allow to specify the import mode: full, create_only, update_only, create_or_update_only or remove_only 

The plugins works with a configuration file that specify how to translate ServiceNow CIs and relationships into Archi elements and relationships.

Please do not hesitate to drop me a line should you require some assistance on this plugin.

Best regards