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Started by jleshardin, May 30, 2023, 17:50:04 PM

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Attached is a screenshot of my model that shows a validator issue with nesting.  I've shown that the two elements in question have a realization relation that should allow for a visual nesting.  However, I get the error.  I've also tried a simple model with two objects, an Artifact that Realizes a Data Object. Then, I nested the Artifact inside of the Data Object and got the same validator error.  What am I missing?

Jean-Baptiste Sarrodie


That's because default nesting for realization is the way around: the target of the realization is inside the source. In your case, this would mean having the Data Object inside the Artifact.

If this way of representing things suits you and if you make sure realization relationships are created in the model (by configuring Archi's Automatic Relationship Management (ARM) to suggest reverse realization when nesting), then that's perfectly fine. And because this nesting has no default meaning in the official ArchiMate specification, then make sure to document it in some place (or add it in a legend).


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Goodness, JB; how did I miss that!?!  Yeah, it seems backwards to me that the realized element is nested inside the realizing element, according to the spec (attached clip).  Just the way my brain thinks about it, I guess.  Thanks for your help.