Integration of Archi with ITSM Tools ( BMC Remedy/SACM/ADDM)

Started by imteyazbabu, September 25, 2018, 09:01:20 AM

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Hi Archi team,

We are leading Group in Qatar, We are looking for feature/Module/Patch for Archi to integrate it with ITSM tools like BMC Remedy /SACM/ADDM to fetch the Asset Inventory and Add it to Technology Layer in Archi and Also create relation among Nodes and Relevant Applications.

Please Let me know how soon you can develop this feature and how much will be the cost.

Warm regards

Phil Beauvoir

Hi Imteyaz,

I'll contact you by email.

(I removed your contact details from your message to avoid spammers)


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I have interest in this as well, just yesterday I was looking at CMDBuild but noticed that their Archi plugin is no longer under development.
Much appreciated,


Imteyaz And anyone with creative ideas I've an immediate business need for what Imteyaz described here.

If you know what and how to get this done please reply and we pick it from there.

I have to submit project proposal this week with estimates on efforts, timing and cost