Modeling a Docker infrastructure

Started by UdoM, October 30, 2018, 08:55:29 AM

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Hi Everyone

I work as a System Engineer in a medium sized company where we're thinking about using Archimate to document our infrastructure. As being new to Enterprise Architecture and Archimate you can imagine that I'm currently having a hard but interesting time trying to get a grip on the concept...

I got myself a copy of Gerben Wierda's "Mastering Archimate", an installation of Archi (which is a great application I enjoy using very much! Thank you very much for providing a great application to the community!) and I'm now trying to model a part of our infrastructure (yes, maybe I should start with something a little less complicated...), the part of infrastructure we're using to run an application which is build on top of docker technology.

Step 1: Model the docker architecture (as detailed as it is described on, without "The underlying technology").

Attached is an image of my first idea, with some questions written on it. As you can see, I'm stuck...

Any advise or input is greatly appreciated!

Kind regards,

Phil Beauvoir

Might be worth sharing on the ArchiMate Google Group!forum/open-archimate-forum
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