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How can I separate each view individually?


Hi everyone.

I'm trying to create a custom report using the JasperReport plugin. However I couldn't do it completely.

I'd like to show views in different parts of the report. Is it possible?

The code below prints all views in sequence but I need to place each one of them at a time.

--- Code: ---<subreport>
    <reportElement isPrintRepeatedValues="false" x="0" y="40" width="515" height="20" isRemoveLineWhenBlank="true" uuid="0834205d-fd47-4315-99d6-610229e94773"/>
<subreportParameter name="REPORT_PATH">

--- End code ---

How can I separate each view individually?

Thank you.

Phil Beauvoir:
I think it depends on where you are referencing the subreport. It's a long time since I looked at the Jasper xml code, so it may be worth checking where you reference it.


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