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Started by Phil Beauvoir, August 18, 2014, 21:18:31 PM

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Phil Beauvoir

Please use this topic to list the best resources to learn ArchiMate®.

Of course, the best book is Mastering ArchiMate Edition III by Gerben Wierda:

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Phil Beauvoir

And, not forgetting, of course, the great business-anarchist and confusionist, Tom Graves. Tom's books, and indeed his blog, are essential reading if you want to get the whole EA picture. EA is not just about technology and IT. It is about aligning the whole of the enterprise, from top to bottom.

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Mark Lankhorst et al. give a good background to ArchiMate, the ArchiMate modelling notation and modelling in general.



Title Enterprise Architecture at Work: Modelling, Communication and Analysis
The Enterprise Engineering Series
Author Marc Lankhorst
Edition 2, illustrated
Publisher Springer Science & Business Media, 2009
ISBN 3642013104, 9783642013102
Length 352 pages

There is also a third edition:
ISBN 978-3-642-29650-5


There is a 4th edition of the "Enterprise Architecture at Work"book of Marc Lankhorst which is updated for ArchiMate® 3.0:

Peter Bakker