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According to the Archimate standard it is possible to represent a Path both as a box or as a connection. See: the relevant point in the standard.

In Archi however I am missing how can I make a Path as a connection. I can do it as box, but in the palette I do not see a way to do it as a double edged dashed arrow...
I am probably missing the obvious, but  how am I supposed to connect two elements with a Path represented as a connection and not as a box?

Phil Beauvoir:
Actually a Path is not a relationship (connection), it is an element. An element connects to other elements via a relationship. So even if you could show the Path as a connection you would still have to connect it to other elements with relationships.

A Path is indeed an Element,  I did not mean to state differently. What I would like to know if it is possible to represent a Path as a double edged dashed arrow instead of a box with the correct icon.

According to the standard A path connects two or more nodes. A path is realized by one or more networks. A path can aggregate nodes. To use a box represents well the "A path can aggregate nodes", but I would to use the arrow to represent the "A path connects two or more nodes" when the nodes are indeed only 2.

If it is not possible, I will just use the box representation.

Jean-Baptiste Sarrodie:

Archi does not support sur alternate representation for Path, Communication Network and Distribution Network. FWIW, I'm not aware of any tool supporting it.




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