File 'giorgipo' is already open. Its name is 'new model'.

Started by giorgipo, November 17, 2014, 11:49:26 AM

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Hello, I have a problem trying to open a model I have created with Archi (my first model). I saved and closed it. When I try to open it in Archi, it does not seem to do anything: all stays white and empty as if it has not been opened. If I try to open it again, I get the message in Subject. If I open the file with a text editor, I do see that the box names are there (it is not empty...) - I can't see why it does not show it to me any more!!
(I also tried with other models I made as a test. When I save it with a name, it thinks that it is a new model all the time. Until I don't close it, I can see it when I just run the Archi program, while it cannot be opened any more once I close the model).
Thank you for your help!

Phil Beauvoir

Hi, when you open a model it doesn't open the diagrams. It loads the model in the Models Tree. The model will be in the Models Tree, from there you can open the Views (diagrams).
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