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Creation of new elements and relationships


Hi, I'm participating in a research project and I'm learning to work with Archi. In this project I need to create new elements and new relationships.
I followed an older tutorial and did not succeed, as it is very likely that the tutorial was done for old versions of eclipse and the archimate language.
Could someone point me reference material to create new elements and new relationships?

Phil Beauvoir:
I assume you mean new concepts that are not part of ArchiMate with associated model concepts, icons, behaviour rules, graphics and palette entries. There was indeed an older guide showing how to do this for an older version of Archi. Since then the code has changed considerably and there is no longer a guide to show how to do this.

There are many places in the code that would require changing - the ecore model, the icons, palette, helper code, figures, and so on. You could take an example concept in code, for example, IBusinessActor.java, search on that and look at where it is referenced and try to follow that pattern.

Thanks Phil.

Hey Phil,
I was able to create a new concept based on the Driver concept.

My question now is ...
There are two images related to the same concept, one that is inside the "box" when we created it and another for the icon in the Palette, they are the same but the image of the icon is a png file.

Then comes the question:
Does Archi transform the image that is in the "box" into a png file or do I have to create that png externally and put it in the correct folder to be used?

Phil Beauvoir:
The PNG file needs to be created separately. The icon iin the "box" is drawn in code. This is so that it scales when zooming in and exporting to SVG.


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