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unable to load CaseStudies from https://publications.opengroup.org/c174

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Not sure if this is a bug or not...

I tried to open the CaseStudies from the https://publications.opengroup.org/c174 site, Specifically ArchiMetalV3 and ArchiSuranceV3 in Archi

I get the error:

Cannot open c:\users\dprdpr\Downlads\c174\Examples\3.0\CaseStudies\ArchiSurance.xml. This model is incompatible.
Package with uri 'http://www.opengroup.org/xsd/archimate/3.0/' not found

same for ArchiMetal...

Archi version 4.3.1 64bit, installed on windows 10 yesterday

Any ideas?


Phil Beauvoir:
These are in the Open Exchange Format, therefore you need to use "Import..."

Thanks. Sorry for the rookie error.

Phil Beauvoir:

--- Quote from: dprdpr on January 03, 2019, 11:21:08 AM ---Thanks. Sorry for the rookie error.

--- End quote ---

No problem. At some point I might look at changing the "Import" to "Open", but that requires some refactoring to support downstream plug-ins using "open".


Should I be able to create capability map for Archlike the attached  below from  http://blog.bizzdesign.com/archimate-3.0-capability-mapping. It's also on other sites (visual paradigm)

Looking at the file from c174, there doesn't appear to be all the data needed such as the top level capability "money Management". The file from c174 seems to be missing items - at least from the strategy model... Is there a more complete file somewhere?


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