Classification Frameworks

Started by bebran, June 29, 2017, 14:27:03 PM

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I'm pushing the use of EA modeling in my company, but find it like trying to 'sell' the Internet without content, and have therefore started to look for industry (Upstream Oil & Gas) relevant classification frameworks, which can be loaded and provide some basis for creating content.

Does anyone know of frameworks, that can be loaded (from a structured format)?
I'm in particular looking for upstream oil & gas industry frameworks on:
- Information / Data
- Business Processes (already found and loaded APQC Process Classification Framework*)
- Business Services
- Capabilities
- Roles
- Application Services
- Application Components (currently loaded from our CMDB)

Does anyone have predefined and documented templates/patterns they would like to share, which can be used for quick&dirty creation of views - main interest around the Business and Application layers?

*) There is no confidential material in the APQC framework (for Upstream Oil & Gas business processes and metrics) and I will gladly share it, If anyone would like to use it (contains 3676 elements and 5491 relations, and can be imported to any model via CSV).



is this still under review, I can help