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Started by archirick, January 22, 2019, 16:22:37 PM

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Hey all,

I've just started to use Archi. Ive modelled my application and were starting to model some changes. I'm using a git repo so that I can over time see the changes.. however I'd like to produce to diagrams for use in documents which highlight changes. In the past, when Ive used Enterprise Architect I've highlighted changes to components by changing their border colour.

This doesn't appear possible in Archi (I seem to only be able to change the background colour).

Does anybody have any recommendations on how to highlight a component has changed?


Jean-Baptiste Sarrodie


By default in Archi, border color is derived from fill color. You can change this by unsetting ""Derived element from fill color" in Edit > Preferences > Colours and Fonts.


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