BIAN Service Landscape

Started by, April 10, 2018, 21:42:33 PM

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Dear Archi Forum,

I'm trying to map BIAN concepts to Archimate and TOGAF using Archi.
Does anyone in this forum have access to the excel files that contain the detail of the mapping of the concepts from BIAN to Archimate?

Once I have it done I'll share the BIAN Landscape model in this Forum.

Best regards,
Jose Alfredo Guillen



I do not have it. Sorry ...

Best regards

Phil Beauvoir


can you give more information about the Excel files you refer to?

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Hi Phil Beauvoir,

BIAN concepts have been mapped to Archimate and TOGAF. This mapping is detailed in an Excel file on the Wiki at At the same location is a webcast that explains this mapping.

Best regards,
José Alfredo Guillén

Jean-Baptiste Sarrodie


This document if not freely accessible. It seems visible only by people working on the BIAN.

I know for sure that there are some cross-work in progress inside the Open Group ArchiMate Forum (which I'm the Chair of) to map parts of BIAN to ArchiMate, but there are some Intellectual Property related to BIAN that makes this available only its members.


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Hi JB,

Thanks for the information.

The BIAN Service Landscape is available for everybody but its available on pdf format or query UML (you can query but not download, at least is what I know).

My intentions was to read the Landscape from excel or CSV file in order to import it and build starting poit to customize.

Once again thank you very much.