"Access" relation should be allowed to reflect direction of the flow of informat

Started by chgasser, December 02, 2014, 15:44:28 PM

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The Archimate 2.1 specification states that "the arrow head [of an access relationship], if present, indicates the direction of the flow of information" (reference: ยง7.1.6 http://pubs.opengroup.org/architecture/archimate2-doc/chap07.html)

However, Archi (v3.1) does not seem to accept this, and will only allow the arrow to point, for example, from a process to a business object (the relationship matrix in the Help section also reflects this). -- I may be wrong, but I believe that this contradicts the spec...

Suggestion: it would be nice to have a "loose" mode that does not enforce the "allowed relationships" matrix.

Kind regards

Phil Beauvoir

Hi Chris,

if you select the Access relation and open the Properties window, you can set it to "Write", "Read", "Access" or "Read/Write". This will change the arrow head direction.

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Hi Phil,

Oops, looks like I failed to spot this field in the Properties window... Works like a charm, when you know how!

Thanks for your answer!