difference between collaboration and interaction

Started by yj68156, August 07, 2017, 10:18:16 AM

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hello guys, i am confused by application collaboration and application interaction. what is the difference between these two elements?

Jean-Baptiste Sarrodie


Collaboration is an active structure element while interaction is behavioral. This means that the collaboration is the "subject" doing an something, and interaction is "what" this subject does.

Let's take an example: a web portal that not only provides link to other applications but also help user to navigate between them in an enhanced (value added) user journey can be seen as an application collaboration that is composed of the portal application itself and all others applications. By itself the portal does nothing and without the other applications it won't even exist. What users can do through (and thanks to) the portal are application interactions.


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i feel guilt replying to an old post.... in my defense its like the 6th topic down.

Do you think you could use a Junction as a Collaboration element ?