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Started by hercules, April 08, 2019, 21:12:32 PM

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I have a question about setting the visibility of relationships on models.

I'm drawing a model for application hosting, and so far, it is made up of Location and Application Component elements. A Location hosts one or more Application Components, and I show that by using an Aggregation relationship (i.e. a Location aggregates an Application Component).

If I place the Application Component inside the Location then the Aggregation doesn't show and the model looks neat and tidy. However, if I place one or more Applications Components in a visual Group element, and then place that Group element inside the Location, the Aggregation (from the Application Component to the Location) reappears.

This makes sense (because it needs to show the jump across the layers, but I was wondering if I could hide the Aggregation relationship. Any ideas?

(I have attached an example where you can see the Aggregation showing for 'Sage' and 'Oracle' in the Group but not for 'Tableau' and 'MS Dynamics')

Phil Beauvoir

Well, it's a side effect of a Group inside a concept.

You could simply delete the visual connections, but not from the model. The relationships will still be there in the model, you just won't see them in that View.

But... there should be a better way to model this...Grouping rather than Group?
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Thank you for the quick reply.

Yes, deleting them from the View would work. I'm new to Archi but I can see that is the way to do it.

And, yes, I will probably end up using a Grouping rather than a Group.