Slow Performance with Large Number of Business Actors & Relations

Started by jdomshy, May 03, 2019, 19:18:01 PM

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Hi All, I'm looking for some guidance with how to troubleshoot performance issues with a large number of business actors, properties & relations.

I'm importing 14,000 business actors (the organization with department titled) with 42,000 properties for those actors and 30,000 relations between actors. After the import is complete, clicking on any of the objects in the model tree can take up to 30 seconds before the display updates. When I try to add any objects to a view, even new ones, it will take 10-15 seconds to see it appear on the view. Even once an object is on the view, it will take about 5 seconds to visually update. Others on my team have done the same import and don't experience any this lag.

Are there any suggestions out there to troubleshoot these types issues? Are there any suggestions of things I should review with my installation? Thank you in advance.

Phil Beauvoir

I was going to say that maybe you've hit the limit with performance with a model this size but then you say "Others on my team have done the same import and don't experience any this lag."

- If you close folders on the model tree does it help?
- Do you have many Views open?
- Is it the model tree causing lag?
- Is it the amount of Views?
- Is it the amount of Properties?
- Is it faster if the "Properties" tab is closed?

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Jean-Baptiste Sarrodie


From my experience you should:

  • Try with no plugin installed (no collaboration, no jArchi, no specialization, no form, no databalse...)
  • Try to disable "Display unused elements in italics" in Edit > Preferences > General
  • Try to disable you antivirus
  • Try to uninstall your antivirus. I know this can sounds silly but I'm not joking. There are several antivirus that still impact performances even when disabled.


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Thank you for your replies. I will try the suggested and post back what I find.


After trying all the suggestions, nothing helped with the performance issues I was experiencing.

Due to some other networking issues I was experiencing at work, and being out of date with system updates, my system was re-imaged and after that I no longer experience the same performance issues. I've installed the same collaboration plug-in, imported the same data and Archimate's response is now quick and snappy.

Thank you again for the support, and sorry to anyone who comes across this thread in search of an answer.

Phil Beauvoir

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