Specialization plugin v2.0.0.alpha1

Started by Hervé, May 04, 2019, 22:15:18 PM

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I'm not seeing a 'dropins' folder on my Mac installation - however copying the plugin to the 'plugins' folder still works for me.

Phil Beauvoir

It seems that by implementing Eclipse's "dropins" framework adding a jar to the "plugins" folder still works. Not sure if this intended or not.

The location of the "dropins" folder is documented in the User Guide (end section) and earlier in this thread (two posts before this one). I'll post it again here:

Windows: %user.home%/AppData/Roaming/Archi4/dropins
Mac: %user.home%/Library/Application Support/Archi4/dropins
Linux: %user.home%/.archi4/dropins

("%user.home%" denotes your home directory.)

If the "dropins" folder does not exist, users will need to create it first.

If an Archi plugin is packaged as an Archi plugin zip file you can install it via the Archi plugin manager (available from the Help menu.) and so you don't have to care about the "dropins" folder as Archi will install it for you.

The advantage of using the "dropins" folder is that you don't have to keep re-installing plugins every time there is a new Archi update. Also, plugins in the "dropins" folder can be managed with Archi's plugin manager.
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