Use of angle brackets in model folder/view name results in erroneous HTML report

Started by Manj75, July 25, 2019, 12:46:39 PM

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If in the model there is an angle bracket used that resembles an HTML tag format it will cause incorrect generation of the HTML report.

For example a folder named Project<ID>Title<TEMPLATE> will not display folders before this folder due to <TEMPLATE> being interpreted as an HTML tag. In other cases of HTML tag like use in folder/view names, such as , with not be display in the HTML report as it appears to be stripped off.

I've not had a chance to carry out a detailed inspection but I feel this is do the these being interpreted as HTML tags. I've resolved the issue by substituted out the use of angle brackets, but is still a low priority bug.

I have raised it on GitHub, issue #506

Phil Beauvoir

Hi, thanks for reporting this (no need to duplicate the report here on the forum).

Already fixed for Archi 4.5.

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