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Started by fauser, July 10, 2019, 14:22:23 PM

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Do any of you have experience in combining Archimate with the C4 model ( ?

I know its not the same thing but my employer wants me to use Structurizr ( as tool but I want to stick with Archi.

So my hopes goes to some kind of combination with out the extra work. Perhaps with some scripting in Archi or something.

Any thoughts?

Jean-Baptiste Sarrodie


C4 model is in fact simply a definition of 4, interrelated, viewpoints. Nothing more. So you can easily use those viewpoints with ArchiMate (and thus Archi) if you want. This of course, only makes sense if you have to use other viewpoints and want to link applications aspects with others (e.g. Business or Technology).

The key advantage of Structurizr is that you can create diagrams through your application code by using the web API. This has the real advantage of making sure that your architecture description is in line with the reality of your application. If you plan to create diagrams manually, then Archi can also be used but you'll not have the same freedom (you can't add free text on elements, only its name). Using Herve's specialization plugin for Archi could provide you missing freedom though.



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I have shared some of my experience briefly using C4 in combination with Arc42 and Markdown outside of Archi: