jArchi: I have an object ID, I am looking for the relations attached

Started by gevaertw, July 12, 2019, 14:25:29 PM

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Somehow I don't get it by reading the documentation over and over. 

A practical example on the wiki would help me a lot I guess

As a starting point I have the ID of an element. (I have the name also but that's not guaranteed unique). I want jArchi to give me the ID's of the relations that are attached to it, direction does not matter at this point.

//start element contains 6bea61ff-b810-4172-8403-fc338261df72
searchID = "\"#" + startElementID + "\"";
startElementCollection = $(searchID);
//my attempts
console.log (startElementCollection.rels());
console.log (viewCollection.rels(startElementCollection));

assume that viewCollection contains a valid collection of all elements and realtions on the selected view, this works.  one of the elements has the ID 6bea61ff-b810-4172-8403-fc338261df72

and the results, 2 empty arrays?


Any thoughts

Phil Beauvoir

You're adding "\" and it doesn't need it.

Try this:

searchID = "#" + startElementID;
startElementCollection = $(searchID);

startElementCollection.rels().each(function(e) {

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while I did not really understand you piece of code (I'm not a pro dev :-[). I managed to get a valid result back using this piece of code:

startElementCollection = $("#2af42d3a-c3b7-4807-bf5a-a3d864bc4f0d");
    "Relation Name: " + startElementCollection.rels()[0].name
    + " ID: " + startElementCollection.rels()[0].id
    + " Type: " + startElementCollection.rels()[0].type

console.log("length: " + startElementCollection.length);

the result:
Relation Name: Relation1 ID: 2a42b1d2-7f69-497c-b457-ebc0e7080036 Type: realization-relationship
length: 1