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Started by Eero Hosiaisluoma, July 16, 2019, 13:09:08 PM

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Eero Hosiaisluoma


I want to share this "ArchiMate Cookbook" -document, just to inspire ArchiMate-modellers..
Most of the diagrams are created with Archi, except those with new AM (3.1) Value Stream-element.

Eero Hosiaisluoma

Phil Beauvoir

Thanks for sharing, Eero.

Did you also tweet the link on Twitter?

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Eero Hosiaisluoma

but I didn't mention "Archi" there, only "ArchiMate"..
..I Guess tweet again - or perhaps somebody else can do that :-) .. boost the message to wider audience - for the sake of Archi & ArchiMate.