Additional Shapes in Sketch View

Started by Craig Armstrong, December 19, 2014, 15:52:30 PM

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Craig Armstrong

Is it possible to implement some additional shapes in the Sketch View?

The rectangular Stickies are very useful for most conceptual views to build or augment an ArchiMate view, but a few additional figures or Sticky shapes would enhance this.  For example, the single addition of an ellipse, along with the existing Actor and arrows, would allow the Sketch View to depict a Use Case diagram.  Other useful shapes are circle, diamond, and oval (like the ArchiMate service shape).

Is this already on a feature request list, or can it be added? 

Phil Beauvoir

Hi Craig,

this is not on the feature request list, but could be added here -

The next focus for development on Archi in 2015 and beyond will be on porting it to a new framework with the aims of making it more extensible and to allow Archi to connect to repositories. Adding other shapes may be part of this.

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