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Started by Alberto, August 21, 2019, 15:05:49 PM

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Today I got a request from an IT manager to create a comprehensive diagram in Archimate for a particular set of applications for which they are looking to do an upgrade.  Now, I know what they are asking for as I've seen their Visio diagrams, but it made me wonder if anyone has a set list of questions to ask when these requests come.  i.e. from what viewpoints, layers to include, etc.

Jean-Baptiste Sarrodie


I have some that come to my mind, but before a very important remark: "from what viewpoint" cannot be part of this list because what you are doing is exactly defining a viewpoint. So I would suggest you read this message I posted some time ago, you'll certainly find a good base for the questions to ask.

To summarize, the key questions are those that help you understand the exact pupose (need) of your stakehoider (IT Manager in your case). Once the goal is clear, it's mainly a question of finding the appropriate elements that will provide the "just enough" information. You then have to see whether or not you have to use nesting and/or color to make it easier to understand.

In addition, at the end, I would suggest to use Simon Brown's checklist too.


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