ServiceNow plugin start import at a specified CI

Started by Manj75, September 05, 2019, 15:55:39 PM

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Hi Herve,

Is it possible to start the SN import at a specified CI, e.g. Business Service = Sale Website, and it imports all related CIs.

Currently it appears that it always attempts to import everything from the CMDB.



Hi Manjit,

Unfortunately, it is not.

The plugin is quite limited. I always wanted to create a v2 of the plugin which would allow to parse the ServiceNow CIs and relationships using a graphical interface and do kind of copy and paste to and from the model ...

But I spent my time on my other plugins.

Best regards


No problem - though I think this would be a great feature add and helps where architecture also want to model a subset of what is in their CMDB.