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Started by Manj75, September 26, 2019, 11:58:14 AM

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It would be a great feature in the Collaboration plugin if it could stamp the following properties on the modified Views.

Created By = <Name specified in the Preferences -> Collaboration tab>: this could be stamped when a view is created in a model that is managed by the collab plugin
Created Date = <Date when the View was created>: same logic as above
Last Updated By = <Name specified in the Collab tab>: stamped on a GIT commit
Last Updated Date = <Date of the commit>

For this to work it would be necessary to know exactly which Views had changed, different to current logic where if you make a change you'll see the '*' on all views in that model, even on unchanged views, which is understandable as the change is marked at a top model level.  A suggestion here would be to have a separate changed view indicator, i.e. '*' is model changed and '#' view changed, and latter will only appear on changed views.

The reason I raise this request is that it is not easy to ascertain who created the view and who last updated it, which would be really valuable working in collaborative teams.  This information would then be used to search in the 'Change History' to pinpoint exactly the last change.


Jean-Baptiste Sarrodie


I agree this type of information would be great. Unfortunately, it's not that simple at all to keep track of those changes and store result in properties.

What is possible though, and addresses the same concerns, is to use the equivalent of "git blame". This builtin feature of Git (and thus accessible inside coArchi plugin) provide the list of all commits containing changes on a specific object. So at some point we might add a contextual menu to retrieve these information and present them in a useful way.


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Using the information from GIT blame to be presented will be the best way as it leverages existing GIT functionality, rather than having to duplicate it, but having said that the stated properties is most likely to be the most useful and intuitive way to get the author and last updated information at minimum.  This could be functionality integrated with GIT blame as you said if there was a contextual menu option at the View level that will popup a window to show this information in a concise and pretty manner that would be fantastic.