Archi collab service: [feature] Swagger API and model discussions

Started by AlexL, September 18, 2019, 10:14:20 AM

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Hello, dear Archi development team!
Recently I've been granted access to preliminary Archi collab-service, and found it quite nice tool to develop, modify,  and publish models.
While being a great tool from my perspective it lacks a several critical capabilities needed by end users such as:

  • Archi collab server Users should have a way to discuss views, concepts, concept attributes, concept attribute values and link it to the issues related to model development.
  • Archi collab service integrators should have an automated way to recieve model data such as concepts, relations, concept attributes, views and so on to analyze them and paste into project documentation.

Second thing as I see could be implemented through extending existing swagger API.

Could you please tell if such features are in the roadmap?

Best regards, Alexander Luchkov.

Jean-Baptiste Sarrodie


Opening and reading issues from the HTML export pf the model is on the todo list.

Exposing model content through API could be done also.

The real limitation is time: this collab server is mainly a POC. The real target architecture is yet to be defined.


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Hello, Jean-Baptiste! Thanks for your answer. Have you got any plans to publish Archi project's roadmaps for public access ? Just think it would be a great thing to follow and spare your time answering such questions)
One more thing I'd like to mention. I think it would be a great to have an ability to extend collab-server functionality with something like custom plugins via some marketplace like GoogleApps. For example "Having home collab-server instance  add a plugin to integrate with specific project management system".

I fully understand it's a fairy dream now, but having such a platform seems like nice community solution.

Best regards, Alexander Luchkov.