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Started by casacde, October 18, 2019, 08:26:04 AM

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I would like to publish the HTML report from Archi on an intranet with links to important external files.
I often entered links to PDF files in "Documentation" in the original archi file (for example: "file:///D:/SP/a_file.pdf"). Then I get a link in the browser and can open the file with a click. This works very well with absolute paths.

Now to my question: How can I specify relative paths here so that I can publish all documents in a directory on the web server?

Can someone help me? Thank you in advance!

Phil Beauvoir

The generated report doesn't do anything special with URLS in text fields, so it's not possible to do this. For example, a documentation field looks like this in the report's HTML:

<textarea id="docsrc" style="display:none">Here's a URL, it's just text -</textarea>
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