Jasper Reporting using the Report:View:Tag property

Started by Manj75, October 25, 2019, 09:15:58 AM

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Hi Phil,

I've been using the Jasper reporting to create documentation on for select viewpoints that have the Report:View:Tag property, which is great as without this the default will create a report for the whole model.  It would be really beneficial if the tag can also be supported at a folder level and is inherited by any view created in the folder.

To give a little more context - I have established an architecture framework repository using a model and part of that is a well defined folder structure in the Views folder, where one is a 'Project Requests' and sub folders are projects with thier views.  I've created a JArchi script which will prompt the Architect to enter basic project details, project title and code, on confirmation the template folder structure is created under the 'Project Requests' folder.  I want to extend this so that the folders will also have the Report:View:Tag by project code.  Where Architects start to created views in these folder this view tag if present at the parent folder level will get inherited and assigned to the view.  The benefit is that it takes away the manual configuration of the tag to the view.

There are alternative approaches, i.e. Jasper reporting will recognise the tag on folders and proceed to incorporate all views that exist in that folder.  This is ideal as it remains supported even if views are moved from one folder to another that has a different tag value.

A more strategic option would be to overhaul the reporting function such that it is able report on a selected folder, e.g. right-click on a folder context menu shows the reporting option and only applies to that selection, but I suspect this is more work.

I am keen to get the functionality even if it is the first option as a tactical short-term approach.

Hope this makes sense   ;)

Phil Beauvoir

Hi Manjit,

I haven't looked closely at the Report:View:Tag property logic because this aspect was implemented by JB some time ago, so off the top of my head I'm not sure if this is possible by editing the *.jrxml files, particularly if inheritance is involved. As I'm not really a Jasper Report expert it might be useful if you, or someone else, experimented with the *.jrxml files to see what's possible. As for the whole Jasper Report functionality, some changes have been made for 4.6 in the Java code (see https://github.com/archimatetool/archi/issues/518)  but as for editing the *.jrxml files I prefer to leave that to someone else. :-)

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Jean-Baptiste Sarrodie


Asof now this is not possible as, during report generation, views are listed independently of folders.

In the short term, I would suggest to set Report:View:Tag property on folder and use a jArchi script to update views' properties accordingly.

In the long term, the whole reporting system should be change (maybe still based on jasper but with a sqlite backend, maybe with a completely new technology).


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