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Started by cwknox, December 24, 2014, 05:18:54 AM

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Here's an Architectural Decision Document based on a Canvas.  I've used it walking through a decision process, but unfortunately, there's no associated report to output an Architectural Decision Document.  I'm still learning -- I may find the time to create a Jasper report of the components so that I can stack the "Sticky" notes and still have readable output for someone who does not use Archi.


Phil Beauvoir

Hi Chris,

thanks for contributing. Things are a bit quiet in the forum at this time of year, but hopefully someone might find this useful.

A note for anyone who wants to open this canvas - in Archi, select "New Model with Canvas..." from the File menu and open the Archi Decision.archicanvas file.

Reporting in Archi is a bit limited at the moment, especially on canvasses. Hope to improve this at some point.

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