Started by chdessus, October 04, 2019, 15:37:11 PM

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Today I merged 2 models into 1. I saw some discussions and questions on this subject on the forum.
Here are the steps followed. Feel free to improve it !
Please note that I'm a business architect. So I'm really a dumb for programming anything ! To do the merge, you only need the CSV files and XML model files from ARCHI.

See attached file.

Jean-Baptiste Sarrodie

Hi Christine,

Thank you for sharing, that's an interesting way of merging models (I have another trick for doing it but this involves more git knowledge).

One remark:

QuoteOpen the CSV files with NOTEPAD or NOTEPAD++ and change all Archi extract format
inadequacies such as ="" or """;
▪ ="" changed to "
▪ """; changed to ";
▪ If you are really lucky, you may find more. You have to do that with the 3 CSV files: Elements, Properties and Relations

This should not be needed. If you have such character sequences, this means that you've done the export using the "Use Excel leading zero/spaces workaround": simply redo the export without it (this option is needed only when you plan to open your CSV in Excel).


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Phil Beauvoir

Thanks for sharing, Christine.  :)

(Hopefully we can come up with an easier way to merge models one day.)
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My 2 cents  ;D

There is a much simpler way if you installed my database plugin as it includes the ability to import components from the database in your model. These components might be elements, views and models.

So the steps would be:

  • Export your first model to a database
  • Right click on your second model and choose "import components from database"
  • Select your model in the models list
  • Click on "OK"
  • Et voila  ;D

Hope this helps

Phil Beauvoir

Archi 4.7 will have a new feature - merging models by importing one model into another. See
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