JArchi question - finding folders with white spaces or dot

Started by Manj75, October 22, 2019, 08:47:19 AM

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I am new to JArchi and in early days of learning, but I wanted to create a script that creates a folder structure under another existing folder.   I have been looking at the example scripts provided, and the most relevant being the Folder Management script.

I can find the first instance of the folder name Archive and it works as expected:

console.log("Folder found: ", model.find("folder.Archive").first()

How, can I specify a folder name that contains white space or a dot e.g.

Project Requests

In both cases if I specify:

console.log("Folder found: ", model.find("folder.Project Request").first()
console.log("Folder found: ", model.find("folder.org.department.application.logical").first()

they return (null)


Phil Beauvoir

Hi Manjit,

this is fixed in the latest version of jArchi (0.6.0). If you use the source code, the fix is in master, but I sent you a new build to your email address.

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That was quick - I'll install the latest build.

Thanks Phil