Realize notation for Data objects

Started by rchevallier, November 08, 2019, 13:55:01 PM

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Hi all,

Archimate standard does not allow the "realization" relation between data objects.
In a model, I'd like to represent basically class of object , but also specific instances and indicates their associated class. Normally the relation should be "realization"
For now, I use:

  • underline label for the object instance name (like in UML)
  • the specialization relation toward the object class, with a label "instanciate"
eg: for an entry in a Business Catalog, I model the business object "Commercial Service" (a class), and to give an example of an instance, a business Object "Connectivity" (instance) which is an instance of a commercial service.

  • What would you use ?
  • Does anyone know if a future version of Archimate standard will develop the Data modeling part ?