#jarchi - how to run a system command inside a script

Started by Xavier Mayeur, November 08, 2019, 15:19:45 PM

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Xavier Mayeur


Is it any possibility to run a system command inside a jarchi script, like invoking an external program ?


Thomas Rischbeck (ITMC.ch)

Dear all - I'm also looking for an answer to this. Can I call a .exe file on a Windows system directly from an Archi script? Kind regards, Thomas.
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Jean-Baptiste Sarrodie


Short answer: no

Long answer: jArchi doesn't expose this feature through its API, but jArchi is based on Nashorn which is a JAVA based implementation of Javascript with some extensions. One of these extensions is the ability to use Java classes from JS, so it should be possible to run a system command through Java through JS.


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Phil Beauvoir

// Launch Notepad on Windows from a jArchi script
var runtime = Java.type("java.lang.Runtime").getRuntime();
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