CSV export / import problem with accented characters

Started by pgras, February 05, 2015, 16:12:42 PM

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I'm using Archi 3.1.1 on Windows 7.

I have a model containing French and German documentation and therefore accented characters (éèäàü...).

I can export the model to CSV and the characters are correct in the exported file.

But when I import the same file back, all accented characters are replaced by strange symbols (two symbols per character).

If I reexport to csv, the file now contains the strange symbols; a new reimport replaces every strange symbol by two symbols again (therefore for every export/import the length of the symbols is doubling...)

To give an example "Office fédéral de la statistique" becomes "Office fédéral de la statistique" and a second export/import will now change it to "Office fédéral de la statistique"

Is there something I could do to avoid this problem?

Thanks for your help


So I can reply to myself,

I have added -Dfile.encoding=UTF8 to the Archi64.ini file and it solved my problem...

this is now the content of my ini file:


Phil Beauvoir

The files are encoded using UTF-8 when exported but as you found it needs to know this.

I might add an option for the exported encoding - ANSI or UTF-8.

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