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Started by aruberto, December 04, 2014, 10:31:25 AM

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We currently have a single architecture model for our business with multiple views.  The model is accessed by a team of people. So there is the possibility that 2 people could be working on the same model and overwriting someone elses changes depending on when save occurs.

Is there a way of opening a view in exclusive editing mode so only one person can work on it at the same time?



Since Archi uses a single *.archimate file to persist models, you could use any of several available technologies to manage shared access. We are using the check-out/check-in and versioning features of SharePoint but you could just as easily use something like Subversion. There is also an Archi plugin available for Git as well. You can find it here: https://github.com/CymaLtd/ArchiGITPlugin



just tried the plugin on v3.1.1, it doesn't seem to work. When I have an existing model and I use the optione "file > export > version model..." no dialog appears :S

Jean-Baptiste Sarrodie


This plugin no more work since the move to Archi 3.1. I've been in touch with the plugin author and he doesn't have too much time to fix it, so as I need it myself, one colleague and I will working on it and you should expect a working plugin in about 1 month.


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thnx for the feedback. good luck with the plugin development.