[HTML Report, AlaSQL] Select Archimate concepts in view.

Started by AlexL, February 25, 2020, 08:20:26 AM

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Archi 4.6.
When HTML Report is generated issuing a query like:

SELECT * FROM ViewsContent INNER JOIN Views ON ViewsContent.viewid = Views.id WHERE Views.name LIKE '%ViewName%' AND ViewsContent.contenttype LIKE 'DiagramModelArchimateObject'

returns table containing field ViewsContent.contentid. Value contained in this field could not be found amongst model elements.
Though I could not find a proper documentation on database structure, I'd like to know how can I get concepts by ViewsContent.contentid if it's possible.

Jean-Baptiste Sarrodie


That's a bug. Can you please open an issue on GitHub and I'll fix it for next release.


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