delete while Import

Started by Dazzlemix, February 10, 2015, 15:34:07 PM

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Hello Archi Devs!

First Thanks for your work! Archi is a very good software for EA which helps me a lot!

In the Moment i am developing/changing the CSV Import into a model.  How could i delete automatic Elements/Releations from a Model? I want import a csv with a Tag "delete" so i could sync with other systems.

Thanks for a hint and for the komplete Software!


Jean-Baptiste Sarrodie


There are no direct way to do it, but a potential workaround would be to set the name of elements you want to delete to "delete", then you can use the search feature included in the model tree to find these elements and delete them manually. Of course you can also create a new property named "action" with value "delete" this would allows you to review things a bit before deletion.


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