Archimate 3.2 Reference Sheets

Started by merty, March 13, 2023, 09:33:54 AM

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Hi Everyone,

To help out newcomers to Archimate modelling language in our Company, I compiled a list of "cheat sheets" about Archimate and modelled it as a view within Archi. This way, they do have the right information right in the tool they are using already.

It consists out of
- "Archimate Reference Cards" from the official Open Group information
- "Archimate Metamodel (adapted the one from Eero Hosiaisluoma )
- Grouping of Composite,Passive Structures, Active Structures & Motivation (various sources)
- Overview of layers & aspects (from official Open Group information)

You can download the model from:

Have fun, let me know if something isn't right or should be added.



ARCHI 3.2 Reference Cards en model.png

Phil Beauvoir

Hi Remco,

thanks for sharing!


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