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Started by David Skarka, March 25, 2020, 11:02:45 AM

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David Skarka

Hi all.
In our organization, we are using on-premise BitBucket for management GIT repositories. There is a corporate policy to sign every commit by GPG key.
So my .gitconfig file looks like this:
name = NAME
email = EMAIL
signingkey = GPG_KEY
gpgsign = true

Outside Archi, commit is signed without any issue.
In Archi, there is an error message: "There was an error: missing credentials provider" - see the image in the attachment. Commit fails.

Is there a way how to enable this commit GPG signing feature in Archi?

In the attachment also error log is provided.

Many thanks


Phil Beauvoir

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David Skarka

Thank you. So I will ask for an exception from company standards :-)