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Started by kkosienski, April 08, 2020, 18:56:30 PM

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I have two architects in our EA community that are getting error messages when trying to refresh or publish our EA model.  It seems like it is isolated to a couple individuals since no one else is running into similar issues.

Cannot commit on a repo with state MERGING.   I have also seen a similar and what seems to be related error of "Repository contains unmerged paths. 

I ran into this a while back and the only way I could resolve it was to delete the model from my workspace.  I then purged the EA model repository that was setup by the co-archi plugin, and then imported the model again from git.  I am hoping there is an easier solve?

Jean-Baptiste Sarrodie


You most certainly face a known (but rare) issue. If someone move folders or views around in the model while someone else does lots of changes on moved views, then Git is no more able to track changes and sees moved views as new views, leading to duplicate XML files for the same internal id. While this is a successful merge for Git, this is seen as a corrupted model by Archi which then stops the current refresh or publish action, leading to a local repository in a merge state. In most cases, running "Abort uncommitted changes" can put the repository back to a normal state, but you'll have to manually move views or folders in their new place (which requires knowing where they've been moved) before being able to publish successfully.

coArchi 0.2 has a fix for this. This is not fixing the root cause (folder/views being moved), but at least it makes sure the local repository is always in a normal state.


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Thanks for the information and background on the issue.