Ability to trace a procedure or subprocess from process diagram

Started by DuncanWilliam, May 22, 2020, 10:30:38 AM

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Hi all,

I am currently modeling an enterprise in Archi 4.7 to better conceptually portray the organizations processes, stakeholders, equipment and resources with the aim of fulfilling quality management and regulatory requirements such as ISO 9001.

My question being is there a way to add a label to the bottom right or left-hand corner of the process diagrams in Archi? I know this isnt originally a function of the ArchiMate specification, but if there is a workaround I think it will provide must better traceability between layers and in printed reports. The idea being that the labels can be used to trace to a company procedure or work instruction.

I've attached two images to better convey what I mean, the first shows how this traceability is performed in the IDEF0 modeling language through process decomposition, the second picture shows where the label should be.

I look forward to any suggestions.

Jean-Baptiste Sarrodie


You can add a note inside an ArchiMate element and set a transparent background. Of course this will have to be done on each views. Another drawback is that the note's text is set on a per view basis which can lead to some errors.

@Phil: We can add a connection from the note to the Business Process and then use a label expression on the note to set its content to some Business Process' property. This work but the connection is not hidden. Maybe we should add this case in ARM (I would hide such connection in all cases). Or we could add a new label expression to get parent node in view, based on nesting, something like $parent{...}. (BTW, I wonder is $vfolder{...} really makes sens. I can't see use case for that. I have to double check our discussions on GH).


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